Sick Of Talkin' 7"

by Outdates



Sick of Talkin' was recorded August 27, 2011 by Jason Gardner on a 70's Tascam reel to reel multitrack in Windsor, MA. The session consisted of 14 songs but only 4 were intended for release. Sick of Talkin' was recorded earlier in April 2011 but was not satisfactory. This 7" has not yet been released on vinyl.


released August 27, 2011

Marc Candilore - '67 Hagstrom Electric 12 String through a 2008 Fender Twin.

Ally Einbinder - 60's Body/90's Neck Danelectro Short Scale Bass through a 1974 Ampeg V4.

Andrew McCarthy - '64 Slingerland combo.



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Outdates Amherst, Massachusetts

An American history of rock and roll condensed into a one minute song.

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Track Name: Emergent
It's urgent
How can you tell who you know?
And how to talk so fast on a thought so slow
I know, it's cruel

It's emergent
I don't forgive bad taste
And I dont like entertainers
I know it's cruel
Just dont have anywhere else to go
When people talk that anxiety
Track Name: Drainage
Do you hear what they talked about?
Each word is the same
They'll repeat if there's any doubt
You'll learn the refrain
Heard it before
(Can't find a substance
When you pap your tongue
How much further can you run
When you run your mouth)

Talk is coming back up the drain
You'll never flush it back down again
Clogging the disposal
There's too much trash to haul away
It's just too much to put away

Do you hear what they talked about?
It's such a bore
Track Name: Dead Babies (Deep Wound)
Originally by Deep Wound (c1983)
Track Name: Sick of Talkin'
What's the point of talk about it
It doesn't have to be an issue at all
Feeling sick for all the talking
It doesnt mean anything, nothing at all

And it bores me half to death
To see those typical reactions

What a waste of time
That's true
It doesnt have to be an issue at all
Feeling sick for all the talkin
Open your mouth to say nothing at all