Nasty Facts

by Outdates



Outdates recorded a live set for a 12" with Rob Flaglor at UHart on December 11, 2011. This is a rough mix of a few of the tracks. Much of the studio equipment was sold just days after recording and mixing will not be possible until later in January 2011. 14 songs were recorded for the session.


released December 11, 2011

Marc Candilore - '67 Hagstrom Electric 12 String through a '68 Fender Dual Showman.

Ally Einbinder - Danelectro Short Scale Bass through a 70's Acoustic Head/'69 Fender cab.

Andrew McCarthy - '64 Slingerland combo.



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Outdates Amherst, Massachusetts

An American history of rock and roll condensed into a one minute song.

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Track Name: Nasty Facts
It's a nasty fact
Gotta destroy everything that's still in tact

Panic attack
What can I do? My nerves are starting to crack

Creepin in my head and all inside of me
Track Name: Trip Wire
So fragile
So helpless
Has turned you into a vegetable

Step out of line before it turns
into a trip wire
commit your crimes before you burn
and get yourself committed

And so what?
You can't help it
It's hard to walk away
When your shoes are laced with land mines
Track Name: Taking Sides/Outta Line
Taking Sides:
Trash your standards as they come
Dont mind my manners
We're just having fun

Been taking chances with not taking sides
Cuz I'm a goner

Just wasting time tipping scales
Feeling like my only future is death or jail
So I'll take my chances with not taking sides
Cuz I'm a goner for sure
Track Name: Get Robbed
Stacked my mind against what I've got left
There's nothing there to protect
It's got a right to get robbed

The doors are open
You can take what you want

Never cared to know what happens next
Peered inside and I'm hexed
It's just a lot to weigh on

The doors are closing
And someone's changing the locks
Track Name: Wasting Puke
Just wasting time til I'm hungry again
Or til I can fall asleep
Death's just too much work
Been wasting away
Too lazy to die so I'm wasting

Eat cuz I'm bored
Puke cuz I'm bored
Rob your stores
Bash my head in the door