Clean Stains

by Outdates



4 Track demos of some previously unrecorded songs and old songs that have been updated.

These are lo-fi recordings. Sounds best through headphones.


released December 17, 2011

Written, recorded, and performed by Marc Candilore



all rights reserved


Outdates Amherst, Massachusetts

An American history of rock and roll condensed into a one minute song.

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Track Name: Nasty Facts
It's a nasty fact
Gotta destroy everything that's still intact

Panic attack
What can I do, my nerves are starting to crack

Creeping in my head and all inside of me
Track Name: All The Rounds
You go from the first to the last
Making all the rounds
From one costume change to the next
Pound for pound


When you go under the knife
Better hope you dont wake up
When the doctor becomes your wife
You'd better not take off your make up
Track Name: Blow A Fuse
It's a danger
Meeting your own mind
On the third rail of the subway
There's no rewind
When you're on replay

And who needs it?
Get it away

In the hangar
Planes get fixed to die
Landing gear on the highway
You tell them why
You're on replay

You dont want that?
Get it away
Track Name: Cant Motivate
The trash is piling up against the door and I cant get through

It's building up and I'm breaking down
Cant motivate, I'm bumming out

The mold is overpowering my head, oh what to do....
Track Name: Driven or to Drive
I'm kinda slow sometimes
I missed the signs
Lost my place in line
Left behind

My mind is dragging in the dirt
And I'm not really sure what's worse,
to be driven or to drive mad

I'm drawing a blank
On an empty tank
The lifeboat sank
...still blank

My mind is dragging in the dirt
And I'm not really sure what's worse,
to be driven or to drive mad

78rpm backwards
Send me back to the manufacturer
Track Name: After Two
I've got a feeling there's nothing left
to be gained by honest means, I've taken theft
I've got my eyes upon more than what I'm really due
Whatever I cant get back I'm gonna have to steal from you

Taken down a bad bad road

Not interested in all that common trash
Got better times to waste on things that couldnt last
Been lately lie to myself about what is it, true?
You know your mind's dated and out when you lose count after two

Taken down a bad bad road
Faking all I ever knowed
Track Name: Trip Wire
So fragile
So helpless
Consumerism has turned you into a vegetable

Step out of line before it turns into a trip wire
Commit your crimes before you burn
and get yourself committed

And so what?
You cant help it
It's hard to walk away when your shoes are laced with land mines
Track Name: Gettin Younger
Been gettin younger
Kids tell me gonna growin up
But I keep hopping fences
Just didnt notice a gate that wasnt shut

Dont tell me that's enough
Dont tell me take it easy

My brain is foggy
Been living in a jukebox full of fumes
So I keep striking matches
Just waiting for the one that's gonna boom

And I hope it happens soon
Cuz I'm running outta gas
Track Name: Outta Line
Been pushed too hard
Cant get a grip

Been cast out
Cast too far
Outta line
Aint cuttin slack
Track Name: Laxatives
What'd you have for breakfast today?
Whatever's the lastest craze

Just diet pills, laxatives
Gasoline, aspirin

What'd you have for breakfast today?
Same thing you had yesterday

Just diet pills, laxatives
Gasoline, aspirin
Track Name: Get Robbed
Stacked my mind against what I've got left
There's nothing there to protect

It's got a right to get robbed
The door's are open
and you can take what you want

Never cared to know what happens next
Peered inside and I'm hexed

It's just a lot to weigh on
The door's are closing
and someone's changing the locks
Track Name: Faces
Getting kinda used to this adrenaline rush
I'm getting bored
Gotta find new ways to have fun
I'm feeling sore

Action adict, cant quit
Been on a sick schedule never seeing a sun
Ever wary of the police
I'm wearing outta always feeling on the run

Now my health's getting poor
I dont sleep anymore

Cuz I dont wanna be faces like yours
Dont wanna be faces like yours
I've been in tight spaces before

I dont wanna be faceless in a morgue
Dont wanna have bars cross my door
I've been in tight spaces before
Track Name: Lonesome Trail
The pastor asked me,
"Do you know when you'll be crucified?"
The answer was, "yes,"
But I averted my eyes

Cuz how could I explain what I know?
They'll think I'm goin off the rails again
My fuse has blown

So it's time I choose
Which way I'll fail
Cuz I can only lose
On this lonesome trail

I know the plane goes down
Just dont know where
So I aint hanging around
Unless it's in the air

Cuz now the paranoia's setting in
and I'm starting to feel
Like I'm going off the rails again
And there's no repeal

So I guess I'll choose
Which way I'll fail
Cuz I can only lose
On this lonesome trail
Track Name: Highways End
I asked Eisenhower for directions to where it is that this road is done
He said it's classified, I'd have to get a map from Area 51
There I knocked on the door and Ezra Pound answered,
but he just painted me a picture of the sun
So I'm still wondering where it is, this brick wall
At the highway's end
The highway's end
Track Name: Overdose
My door is only open because it's off the hinge
It's hard to get repairs when you're living on the fringe

Not interested
in those long-term kills
Already dying a slow one
I want immediate results
C'mon and give me a quick one
I want an overdose

Never thought it'd be myself I see when I cringe
All my vile makings packed into a syringe

Not interested
In the buzz buzz buzz
Ready state already fried
I wanna instantly nuts
Disappear not just hide
I want an overdose